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Our network comprising over 20 servers is housed in the data centre of a large Auckland-based ISP with 24 hour unsupervised access.


2 x 155mb fibre connections through Telecom and TelstraClear.
4 upstream bandwidth sources to Australia, Asia and North America.
14 megabits international bandwidth.
32 megabits national bandwidth.

Fault Tolerance

Multiple bandwidth and upstream providers.
Multiple servers ensure little if any service interruption in event of hardware failure.
Up to 3 servers per service, i.e. web servers, file servers, mail servers etc.

Data Centre Security & Protection

24 hour alarmed and monitored datacentre accessible only by proximity card.
Air conditioning keeps server room at consistent temperature.
Fireproofing via Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) systems.

Back-up Services

Multiple UPS power supplies, and auto-start diesel generator.
Daily file server back-ups with 14 day archive.